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Forget Bowflex®, If you want to:

Save 60% or more off of the over-priced Bowflex®.

Discover our advanced technology that will deliver up to 2 times your desired body changing results in less than 1/2 of the time! Your body can
change quicker and easier than you thought possible.

Lose weight, add muscle, get stronger while spending less time working out! No Hype. It really is possible.

Use an incredible new technology that will keep you safe while at the same time providing an amazingly effective workout!

Get guaranteed risk free results with up to 400 lbs of built in resistance!* If you are not satisfied, simply return the gym for a full refund. (see details)

Get Hundreds of Dollars of Accessories for Free! – Free Abdominal Exerciser, Free Leg Extension Unit, Free Butterfly Unit and much more!

vigorfit gym


“If I could put this together
anyone can”

“If I could put this together anyone can.”

Alan Klutch
East Hampton, NY

“I love the Gym…”

“I bought one of these home gyms from you and I Love the gym!”

“Many Thanks”

Ralph Barker
Boca Raton, FL

“Better Workout Than I Get With Free Weights and the Resistance Was Killer!”

“I was at a buddy’s house and he had a model FB Gym™ and I used it…”

“Guys and Gals I gotta say it was awesome! Better workout than I get with free weights and the resistance was a killer! Loved it!”

Jason B.

“Easy to put together…”

“Easy to put together is more than I had hoped for…will purchase again.”

Tinnie Deeds
Huntsville, AR

“The gym is fantastic…”

“Thanks for great service. The gym is fantastic, what a fine piece of equipment!!!”

Michael Longo
Naples, FL

How do you get extremely fast results in the minimum amount of time? How do you supercharge your results? Discover Three Body Changing Advantages that set the FB Gym™ apart from other ordinary gyms. Your workouts and your body will never be the same.

Faster Body
Changing Results

Variable Resistance is the key to faster, safer body changing results. See exactly how this powerful technology will allow you to sculpt your body.

Twice the Workout
in 1/2 the Time.

Learn How Two Way Resistance will allow you to perform two exercises in the time it takes others to do only one. More results in less time.

The Negative Rep.
an Insiders Secret to Results!

Discover how the FB Gym™ uses a secret used by body builders to help bring your results to the next level. Your body will be practically forced to change.

Could You Be Getting Faster, Safer Results at a Fraction of the Cost?

See For Yourself All of the Free Accessories that Come with your FB Gym™.
Including a Built In Ab Trainer.

Free, Free and Even More Free.

Everything is included with your state of the art FB Gym™.

We invite you to take a tour of the FB Gym™ below so you can see for yourself why the FB Gym™ offers not only results but a real, incredible value.

  • Free Accessories
  • Up to 400 lbs of Resistance
  • A Free Ab Unit

and much, much more.


Why Pay $1500 or More For A Bowflex®?

Compare & Make An Informed Decision and Save!

So you have seen the FB Gym™. You’ve seen its quality. You’ve learned about the FB Gyms™ advanced technologies and how they can make your workouts faster, safer and very effective.

How does the FB Gym™ stack up against the expensive Bowflex® you’ve been dreaming about? Take a look below and decide for yourself.

FB Gym™ Bowflex®
Save Hundreds Only $599- free Freight – Save as much as $1,550 or More! From $649 to as much as $2,900 plus up to $170 for Shipping & Handling
Easy to Use Absolutely No Assembly or Disassembly Required  Between Exercises! Most models do not have simple adjustable resistance like the FB Gym™.
Easy Dial Fluid Power Resistance Change resistance with the simple turn of a dial. Most models use rods which must be attached and detached between exercises.
Folds Up for Easy Storage Folds Up in One Easy Motion! Yes
But Why Pay So Much?
Ab Crunch Attachment
No Extra Cost!Sold as a stand alone unit by others for as much as $200 You will pay an extra $199. Not included.
Free Butterfly Unit No Extra Cost! Not Available on this unit.
Free Curling Station No Extra Cost! Not included. You will pay an additional $139.99
Strength Conditioning for All 5 Major Muscle Groups Yes!
Strengthens Arms, Legs, Abs, Back & Pectorals!
You will pay more and there is no abdominal exerciser included.
Comfortable Bench Our Padded Bench is a Full 45″ long and 12″ wide for a Super Comfortable workout! Polyurethane seat. Exercises can not be performed laying down.
Unique Hydraulic Two-Way Cylinder Resistance Adjustable personal resistance with the simple twist of a dial.Has Positive Adjustable Resistance both ways for a Superior Workout! No! Uses power tension rods and pulleys which must be changed.


“You are truely AAA+++”

“Thank you for all of your help. I really appreciated the entire experience I have had with you. You are truely an AAA+++ Company.”

Melissa Diederich

“Quick shipment…”

“Quick shipment and exactly as described. Easy to assemble. Good product.”

Thomas Burns
Macon, GA

“[The FB Gym™] Helps Me Feel Better”

“I’m very pleased with the FB Gym™. I’ve found it to be completely as you advertised, the shipping was quick, the assembly was easy. I was able to gain equipment that helps me to do many different exercises, helps me improve my conditioning and feel better, at a price that I think was a good value. Plus, the way the machine folds, it doesn’t need a large footprint when it’s not in use. If I had to make the decision again, I’d certainly buy FB Gym™ again.”

Larry Koesterer
St. Louis, MO


“Perfect! Exactly as described! Husband loves it! Fast too! Thanks!”

Donna Sahakian
Racine, WI


“Wow, just put my Gym together it is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! (heavier duty than listed)”

Laurie Eldsness
Brocket, ND

How Is It Possible that You Can Get So Much Gym & Such Great Results For So Little?

I bet this question is on the tip of your tongue right now. After seeing just how much the FB Gym™ has to offer, you are wondering how is this possible? You are not alone. This is the number one question we get.

The answer is quite simple.

  • No Overpriced Infomercials and Expensive TV Ads. – We would prefer to save that money and pass the savings directly on to you.
  • No Distributors and Expensive Stores. Purchase Factory Direct. – First, most of the gyms sold retail are a lower quality version. In addition, selling through retail outlets means there is another party that wants to make a profit. When you purchase an FB Gym™ you are purchasing factory direct saving you money.
  • No Expensive Star Endorsements. – Why waste the money? We’d rather save you money by working on less profit, and providing more value you get an incredible gym that produces fantastic results at an incredible savings.

If the FB Gym™ is Not Everything We Say it is Return It For a Full Refund!


* Resistance calculations will vary according to the force exerted by the user as well as the speed the exercises is performed. Resistance calculated based upon 21 reps per minute, maxes out at approximately 200 lbs per cylinder. Additional Bench Press Resistance Cylinder Kit available at a small additional cost after the gym has been received and used. By adding the additional cylinder you are able to double the available resistance. Most users will never require the additional cylinder but it is available. Click here for details on the Cylinder Resistance Kit.

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